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Hope you enjoyed the interview with TAYARI JONES. Look for another author Q&A on Friday.

Woke yesterday feeling feverish and out of sorts which means the cold I had a couple weeks back never quite went away. I’ve been taking it easy and reading in between taking long, long naps. Right now I’m in the middle of LINCOLN LAWYER by Michael Connelly and KISS TOMORROW HELLO: NOTES FROM THE MIDLIFE UNDERGROUND BY 25 WOMEN OVER FORTY edited by Kim Barnes and Claire Davis. Good stuff.

At the book signing for THE LAST KING I met Randal Brandt, a librarian who put together an amazing CATALOGUE of Bay Area mysteries. Check it out. I was pleased to find out he’d included THE LAST KING and THE DYING GROUND but I’ve always felt that Mr. Brandt thought I was hitting on him in my emails. I laugh about it now but I cringed for days back then.

The writers group went well this weekend. It’s always nice to spend time with these great ladies. For the first time since our group formed, they traveled to Los Angeles to conduct the meeting. We had great weather, great conversation, tasty food (I made lemon cake with buttercream frosting) and honest, straight-forward critique as always. The 130 pages I submitted went over really well and I got a new title out of it all. I also learned, from everyone, that the New York portion of Olivia’s life completely disappears once she arrives in Los Angeles. THAT is something I have to address in the rewrites.

Saw MATCHPOINT and BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN over the weekend. Enjoyed both though I think I liked the BROKEBACK short story better than the film.

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