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SIGN HERE if you want folks to come to their senses about the elimination of funds for NPR and PBS. Nasty piece of business. A House panel recently voted to eliminate all funding for NPR and PBS, starting with children’s programming.

Read about MUKHTARAN BIBI, a Pakistani woman who didn’t back down when she was terrorized by the men in her village. (Remember NY Times articles require registration. If that’s too much trouble, go to BUG ME NOT to get a password).

Also in the Times, a nice profile of HARUKI MURAKAMI. I just got THE WIND-UP BIRD CHRONICLES and KAFKA ON THE SHORE. I thought WIND-UP was so great I read two chapters in the store while standing up. Saving both of them for a lazy weekend.

The second annual BLOG ANTHOLOGY started today. SARAH’S represented as well as JENNIFER JORDAN and BYRON QUERTERMOUS, the organizer.

And if you ever wondered why some books get better placement in bookstores HERE IS YOUR ANSWER.

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